Yanfly Message Core - Text Positioning Tool For RPG Maker MV

What does it do?
This tool is just as it sounds. It's a text positioning tool, at least in the x position starting from the left. Due to the fact that MV has no message text positioning plugins, like Ace did with modernalgebra's Text Formatting script, I decided this was the proper course of action. Using Yanfly's Message Core text positioning, I went ahead and simulated the effect on here. Keep in mind that it's not perfect and still needs a lot of work, but it really helps if you want "center" positioned text.

What doesn't it do?
It cannot display icons, text coloring or even other Yanfly-added codes. This will simply only work with \px[]. Another thing is that it does not accept double white spaces. If you're like me and double space at the end of each period, this will not take that into consideration and only show one white space. Pleas adjust your writing style to adhere to this until this problem is fixed.

How to use:
It's very simple. Just type your text and it'll appear in the message box below. When you want to position text, even multiple lines, simply add \px[n] before the start of the line like you would in MV and it'll automaticall reposition it with a border around the text to guide you. Make sure you replace n with the amount you want. This tool defaults, visually, to 4 lines, same as MV, but obviously it can do more. Finally, in order for line breaks to show up, use <br> at the end of each sentence. This is what Yanfly's Message Core does and this application does as well. It will not check for normal line breaks.

Sample text.

Want to help me improve this? Contact me on the RPG Maker Web forums to see what you can do to help!
For use with RPG Maker MV and used in conjuction with Yanfly's Message Core plugin.